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"La couleur du tapis va bien avec le mur."

Translation:The color of the carpet goes well with the wall.

February 24, 2013



That rug really tied the room together, did it not?


Came here looking for this, have a lingot good sir


"The colour of the carpet goes with the wall" was marked incorrect. But in English we would just say "goes" instead of "goes well".


If i were to say that it goes with the wall, it would be a bit hesitant, like I'm uncertain or just trying to be nice. But if I say it goes WELL with the wall, i really DO like it. Just a heads up in case i need to compliment your decorating skills... :-P


Is it OK "The color of the carpet suits the wall?". Thanks in advance.


Should be in English, just add "well" in the end...but still not sure if French Duo would accept it; try to report it :))


I hovered over "tapis" and one of the translations it gave was "tapir"! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tapir


…so, "The carpet color…" is not a proper translation for "La couleur du tapis," How would that be constructed in French, if it is defining the carpet, without being a possession ? The noun MUST be translated as possessing a second noun ?


It is possessive, that color is the one of the carpet, it belongs to the carpet... how could it not be a possession?


My point: "The carpet color goes well with the wall," is grammatically incorrect as a translation. I'm not familiar with the English terminology why, so I'm wondering why it's wrong here.


I would personally say "the carpet colour" and not "the carpet's colour" and I submitted as much to Duolingo. I hope they accept it upon review.

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"The carpet color" is an acceptable variation in English using "carpet" as an attributive noun or "noun adjunct". Common examples include: the living room sofa, the kitchen table, college education. It is a noun that behaves like an adjective and is grammatically and idiomatically correct.


It just doesn't sound natural in English. We would talk about "the colour of the carpet".


ouais, the carpet`s color or the color of the carpet is correct. :)

it is ok to use apostrophe-s even if the possessor is not alive or not a living thing especially that, aesthetically, the shorter the sentence the better. :)

hmmm...one may say that one using a figure of speech if a formalist argues with the use of it on non-living things :D

Furthermore, "the carpet color goes well with the wall" is grammatically correct -

"the carpet color can also be said if the carpet color defines a certain color depending on the context of the conversation, or depending on the understanding of the people conversing :)

It just doesn`t fit with the French phrase Duo has presented us :)

Duo wants to say that the color of this/ that certain carpet goes well with the wall, not the carpet color (like maybe, spitting out random adjectives at the top of my head -

sea-blue-coralish-green) goes well with the wall :)

ie, the sea-blue-coralish-green color goes well with the wall

is different from

the color of the carpet goes well with the wall



Can i use nicely instead of well? The carpet goes nicely with the wall.


The translation provided sounds funny.


The word well could have been left out. Alternatively it could have been translated as 'The colour of the carpet matches well with the wall.


Can you say, "The carpet's color goes well with the wall."

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Yes, it is accepted.


"The color of the carpet looks good with the wall" was marked wrong. I guess that is the general meaning, but not precise enough in wording. Oh well.


The "correct" answer given is "fits well". Why is this?


Is it incorrect to say "The carpet's color goes well with that of the wall"?


Or "The color of the carpet goes well with that of the wall"


Well, that would mean there's another carpet on the wall or a carpet owned by the wall. Or the wall is already carpet colored.

Carpet now sounds weird to me... Now I'm thinking it's something that a car would take good care of.


I think that would be: "La couleur du tapis va bien avec ce du mur".


Not "ce", but "celle du mur", because "couleur" is feminine.

Besides, the masculine would be "celui".

Reminder: the indefinite pronoun "ce" is exclusively used as the subject of the verb être: c'est, ce sont.


...what's wrong...goes fine with the wall


carpet, rug, really?


Why is 'colour' corrected to 'color' when this is an international site? 'Colour' is accepted as the correct word.


The English language taught and used here is American English. We have added British variants everywhere but the Best translation will always use American spelling.


A word-for-word translation is given: "The color of the carpet goes well with the wall." In both languages, this transposition is accurate, grammatical, simple, natural, and euphonious. It is as close as we'll ever come to a perfect translation. And Duo accepts it!

Why in the world would anybody try to improve on it? Don't fix it if it ain't broke!

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