"Zuia maambukizo"

Translation:Prevent infections

March 6, 2017

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Maambukizo often refers to HIV infections.


What would the prepositional form of 'Zuia' be? -Zulia?


It's -zuilia. Remember that the suffix only comes before the final a, so basically there's zui-a, so then according to the rules to form the applicative (incorrectly called the "prepositional" in this course) -li- is inserted, the "l" because it is preceded by a vowel and the i because the preceding vowel is not e or o.

Here are the entries in the Kamusi Project dictionary:

-zuia (verb), check.
-zuia (verb), detain.
-zuia (verb), deter.
-zuia (verb), hinder.
-zuia (verb), hold back.
-zuia (verb), limit.
-zuia (verb), obstruct.
-zuia (verb), prevent. kumzuia asiende kusema siri hiyo [Kez].
-zuia (verb), protect.
-zuia (verb), restrain.
-zuia (verb), stop.
-zuia (verb), support.
-zuia (verb), withhold.
-zuia mimba (verb), prevent pregnancy. wee ulinifundisha miye kuzuia mimba? [Ma].

-zuilia (verb), block. (< zuia V).
-zuilia (verb), obstruct. (< zuia V).
-zuilia (verb), prevent. (< zuia V).
-zuilia (verb), stop. (< zuia V).
-zuilia (verb applicative), withhold from. kumzuilia kuja na wenzie [Muk].


If any one was curious, in the second to last sentence, I believe the "wee" stands for Women Economic Empowerment, a group/company in East Africa.


FYI 'zulia' means carpet or rug as well.

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