"Mother and child go to clinic"

Translation:Mama na mtoto huenda kliniki

March 6, 2017



It should be Mama na mtoto (wake) wanaenda hospitalini. Huenda would be translated with usually/regularly go

March 6, 2017


The present simple in English is the usual way we express habitual actions. The addition of "usually/regularly" is not necessary and these can be translated into Swahili in other ways, such as kwa kawaida. Those phrases are often added to English translations for illustrative purposes to show what hu- means, but they are not needed.

So, if you get this English sentence and have to translated it into Swahili, it should also accept huenda, wanaenda and also the gnomic form waenda (plus their forms that retain the "kw").

April 23, 2017


Why not "klinikini?"

December 11, 2017


Is this habitual "hu-" actually used much? I lived in Tanzania for a long time and I can't remember it ever being used, but it was a long time ago when i was a kid...

August 27, 2017
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