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  5. "У вас є цікаві журнали?"

"У вас є цікаві журнали?"

Translation:Do you have interesting magazines?

March 6, 2017



It seems this translates to "Do you have interesting magazines?" in English. Why is якісь not used to ask "Do you have ANY interesting magazines?" Ex: У вас є якісь цікаві журнали? As a student, and a noob, I am curious about this.


The version with "any" is accepted now. It's common to ask it that way in English, and in Ukrainian it's not obligatory, we mean "any" when we say nothing :)


Як сказати "Do you have any interesting magazines?" Це "У вас є будь які цікаві журнали?" Правильно?


No, that sentence sounds awkward. You can ask "У вас є якісь...?" which would mean "any" or "some". But also not adding any word has the connotation of "any". The English translation with "any" is accepted now.


Do you have some interesting magazines ? leaving out either "any or some " makes it incorrect grammar


"any" is OK.

"some" would be "У вас є якісь цікаві журнали?"

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