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  5. "Do you have the bottle?"

"Do you have the bottle?"

Translation:Hast du die Flasche?

February 24, 2013



How do I know if "you" is singular (du) or plural (Ihr) ?


I believe that if it isn't clear from context, Duo will accept either.


There's no "do" in German right?


None like this 'do' here. There's tun (to do), but it's not used like do is in English.


FFFUUUU THE LAST QUESTION and I have to start again. Verdammt indeed.


I know what this sentence means literally but any German natives here able to confirm whether you use this in the sense of being brave like the English would. Example: 'He hasn't got the bottle (to do it)'. And when someone doesn't do something they're called a 'bottle job'.

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I'm not native but I'm quite sure there's no idiomatic meaning here in German.


Re "Do you have the bottle?" I don't think that has the same figurative meaning in German as in English, but if I wanted to express the English figurative sense in German I would perhaps say "Hast du den Mut dazu?" or "Bist du mutig" (or "tapfer") genug (dazu)?" Mut = courage, mutig/tapfer = brave/courageous

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