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"The daughter is where the mother is."

Translation:Донька там, де мати.

March 6, 2017



"Доньа там де мама є" should be accepted.


Wish there was actually a voiceover so I could learn this language


I don't understand this one. The daughter is where the mother is. What does там mean herr

[deactivated user]

    Там usually means 'there'. Here, там introduces the subordinate clause (sentence-in-a-sentene 'where mother is'), it shows how 'where mother is' is connected to 'daughter is'.


    Typing the answer the roman/latin alphabet is not accepted. It should be, as every other answer allows that. "Donka tam, de mati", "Don'ka tam, de mati", and Donьka tam, de mati" should all be accepted for those that have not installed a Ukrainian keyboard. I use Duolingo on a network computer that does not support anything other than roman characters. The only workaround is to get the answer wrong, then copy & paste the correct answer.


    Мати = have Мати = mother

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