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"Ich bin häufiger schwimmen gegangen als der Lehrer."

Translation:I have been swimming more often than the teacher.

February 24, 2013



Uff... I replied "I went to swim more often than the teacher." and got a mistake... This is a test of my English, not only of my German. :D


haha, sometimes I feel the same...


"Ich bin häufiger als der Lehrerschwimmen gegangen ." So far, I learn in this way.. Why is the "als der Lehrer" at the end of this sentence now?


Why is it 'Ich bin...schwimmen gegangen als der Lehrer' rather than 'Ich bin... als der Lehrer schwimmen gegangen' ?


why can't we use "going swimming" instead of just "swimming"?


It is unnatural English. To me, if I heard someone saying that, it sounds not like you've been swimming, but you've taken more trips than the teacher (but implies you haven't actually swum).

I have gone to Canada.

I have been going to Canada.

See how those are different in meaning? One you actually reach Canada; the other you do not.


Thanks for that KyleGoetz, I just wish German had the same logic...

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