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  5. "Kunyweni maji ya matunda"

"Kunyweni maji ya matunda"

Translation:Drink fruit juice

March 7, 2017



Why not "juisi" instead of "maji" here?


I guess because "juisi" is a borrowing from English. Isn't it beautiful that different languages express the same concept differently.

An interesting note is that Turkish also says "meyve suyu" for fruit juice, and you guessed right; it literally means "water of fruit" even in Turkish.


It's plural and it's juice. This program is getting frustrating. You have to second guess because you never know what they want. The literal translation or just, what it is. Do they want the plural form THIS time or not...... maji ya matunda translates into "juice" of course it's fruit juice. They didn't want "water of fruit.". Sorry, just getting frustrated. It's a good program though....


When stating plural forms of commands with regular verbs, -a is removed and -eni is added.

Commands that use borrowed verbs (which in most cases don't end with ‐a) add the suffix ‐ni to the verb, regardless of the number of recipients.


How to know which verbs are borrowed?


Literally , "drink water of fruit"


Why is it not "nyweni" instead of "kunyweni"? Is there an exception for this word?


It IS one of the exception words. It's a short verb just like -la. Kula. I think it is -nywa. Positive is kula & kuleni. Negative is usile & msile. Kunywa, kunyweni, usinywe & msinywe. That is, for eating & drinking. Hope this makes sense.


Why can't i say juice? Juice literally is "fruit juice"

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