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  5. 100 Day Streak:)


100 Day Streak:)

YAY I am honestly really surprised that i have maintained a 100 day streak because I am so busy during the week.Anyways I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to Duolingo because now my French skills are WAY better than before I started.

March 7, 2017



Congratulations. I'll have my 50 day streak tomorrow.


Bonne travail! You'll be at 200 before you know it :)


So cool! I don't know how you people do it!!!! I can't even get a 7 day streak! congrats Mistystar4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)


good job i did have a good streak once (did not reach 100 yet) but then for some reason even though i had a streak freeze active i lost my streak after just 1 day of not doing it ;,( but i am trying to get it back!! ☺

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