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"Unii sunt la fel de deștepți ca noi."

Translation:Some are as smart as we are.

March 7, 2017



Note the didactic comments below, but my translation was, as per normal usage in English - thanks potestasity.

Some are as smart as us.

I feel that should be accepted and have reported.


Still not fixed.


I put "clever" and was marked wrong. I believe that "destepti" refers to mental ability rather than physical appearance and so my answer should be accepted; in fact in UK English it should be the better answer as "smart" used merely to refer to clothes etc


”Clever” is accepted, maybe you translated ”Some are as clever as us?”


Sad that this has not been corrected and that the minority views of one unfortunately misguided contributor have apparently influenced Duolingo.

"She's a better dancer than me" is as acceptable as "She's a better dancer than I am", and if the final verb is omitted then the use of "me" becomes virtually mandatory. "She's a better dancer than I" spoken by an English person in England would give what might loosely be described as a snobbish and unpleasant impression. There may be historic rules - some of us were brought up with them, but I think we're dealing with 21st century English here, not 19th century.


If I'm compelled to think about it I think of "us" as an abbreviation for "compared to us", and if anyone wants to tell me that's wrong, tell about 60 million other people too.

"Us" is and was correct, and whatever the misguided pedant below says it's sad when so much important has not been corrected that this has been altered.


Pop60, congratulations for your beautiful 200 days streak ! I am sure that the translation "Some are as smart as us." is accepted. Every sentence has many accepted translations, and new translations are still added from users reports, but it is hard to choose a "best one" and to fit everyone taste. I feel that you think that "Some are as smart as we are" is not the better choice...


Another good translation: ”Unele (ființe) sunt la fel de deștepte ca noi”.


Answer already filled in


You keep repeating this in several threads. Be more explicit, please. What do you mean by "Answer already filled in".


The task asks me to write what I hear or to translate - but the answer is given already. In this lesson it happened a few times. I thought it would be useful to know that the task had already been done if anyone was updating the lessons at all. Please don't take this as a criticism - I am delighted to have discovered duolingo and very grateful for its existence - and also aware that people work hard to set the courses up and I am presuming often as volunteers - one of many reasons for upgrading to plus to support everything you all do. I just thought it could be useful feedback. Or maybe it is just a glitsch and it just happens on some devices... A quick scroll down this page seems to suggest that it doesn't happen on all devices as there are threads discussing what is an accepted answer. I'll assume in future it's just a glitsch on my device and move on.


OK, I understand now. Please use the report function next time, it's the only way someone will look at it. It's the first time I heard about this. Report is your friend :)

Here, have a lingot :)


Multumesc! I wasn't aware of the report function - but now I see it is the flag option :-) Tu ajuti, eu invet - mersi :-)

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