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Can students engage in the "Discussion" part? I mean, for asking for help and such?

I can't see any student posts! :/

March 7, 2017



Yes, they should be able to take part in discussions, in the main topics (but not this one).

Unless you have blocked them from the social features.


I don't think there is a block to keep them from joining the educators forum. I have it on my subscription list and don't have a class. The only restriction I've seen is you can only post to troubleshooting until you get 60 XP in any language or combination of languages I have been wrong before


No, my previous comment was a bit ambiguous. What I meant was that they can block social features for students in their class.


If they did this then the students would not be able to take part in discussions.


Good point I know educators have a lot of control of an enrolled students account but only because I saw the warning posts to not join a class unless you were certain it was legit

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