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  5. "Słyszymy tamte dzieci."

"Słyszymy tamte dzieci."

Translation:We hear those children.

March 7, 2017



I am confused how to translate 'these' vs 'those'.


"tamte" so that's accusative, right? would nominative be "tamten dzieci" ? Thanks in advance!


In this example nominative would also be "tamte dzieci". "Tamten" would be singular male nominative and "dzieci" is plural.


Why is "we are hearing those children" wrong?


We revised our policy on 'are hearing' and decided that this is such a rare usage that we won't accept it unless the sentence gives some really good reason to accept it. After all, if a Polish student wrote "We are hearing those children" on an English test, he probably would be marked wrong. And this is also a reverse course for Polish people learning English.


Could I use tamci dzieci?


No. The word 'dziecko' is grammatically neuter, so even if the particular children you're talking about are boys only (but you still decided to go with 'children' and not 'boys'), it will be not-masculine personal anyway. Therefore, "tamte".

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