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Level System

I know it is normal that it gets harder to reach a new level when you are a professional, BUT you can reach 6th or 7th level in a language in half an hour, and then you need ages to grow from 12th to 13th.

In normal games, you need more points to level up at later stages, it's true, but you have many chances to gain more points at once.

Do you think advanced users could help somehow to improve the site and get some rewards accordingly?

February 24, 2013



It must be so much more motivating for teenagers to learn a language in this way. I did learn, but had to do so through books and exercises on paper. It's a nonsense to expect people to learn to speak through phrasebooks and multi-choice exam papers alone. That is no more possible than it is for a pianist to play the piano well without playing scores on a regular basis. If only this had existed when my children were still at school.... A language only opens up once you have mastered the basics such as grammar and a reasonable vocabulary. I would have paid them a handsome bribe to work through a course like this over the holidays! As for me, I am already fluent in written and spoken French, German, English and Dutch. Let us see if the magic will work for Spanish as well!


Sounds good, but I'm not sure how it would work. It takes more time and effort to reach higher levels, but duo needs to be careful not to make it too difficult or , learners could be driven away. Having more advanced users help the site as well as less advanced users could benefit us all.


Didn't you open another topic about the skill point system yesterday? http://duolingo.com/#/comment/211088 Couldn't you have included your argument in that topic? If you open multiple topics with the same conclusion, it might seem as if it's more about getting extra points than the reasons why you should get those points. Luis actually replied to that topic saying that they are contemplating some ideas, so I don't see why you couldn't have suggested this to him.


Hmmm... I write topics as soon as I think at them, if it's better to edit another topic or to add something there I would be glad to do it. I in experiment mood... It won't last long, I will soon relax. :) If this discussion should be deleted, I wouldn't mind. :)


Please don't take my comment too seriously. I think your creative energy is fabulous and I enjoy reading your discussions. I would have replied to your previous topic if Luis hadn't made his response first. Me seeing similarities might have to do more with my engagement with the topic than repetitions on your part. I like the idea of rewarding language teaching as it is a good learning experience for yourself and it could make experts more recognisable to people looking for help.

But it is also possible that I'm just grumpy because you passed me in skill points :P


I won't have much time during the week, you can reach me easily... :)

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