"Do you like fruits?"

Translation:Je unapenda matunda?

March 7, 2017



I have learned it can be with or without 'je'. 'Je' is more to ask for attention when asking the question, no?

March 18, 2017


But Kiswahili allows statements to become questions. Je isn't needed for every question.

May 11, 2017



March 7, 2017


It's a particle which is added at the beginning to indicate a question. Without it, it would just be "You like fruits."

March 7, 2017


And 'je' at the beginning suggests that the question will have a 'yes/no' answer.

June 5, 2018


How do I know whethet it is Je unapenda or Unapendaje?

March 19, 2018


If you start with Je, you start a question. If you put -je at the end of the verb it means how? It would be How do you love? (a bit strange with this verb maybe)

May 10, 2018


From what my Native Swahili speaking friends say, the -je means How...so, "How do you like the fruits?" The Je, .... is a particle that indicates the following is a statement in question form. so, "Do you like fruit?" Very similar, but not really the same question... ...What Deborah712044 says!

February 11, 2019


I think I have taken it to be like how we causally ask a friend something. Like... Yo, did you bring the snacks? OR Hey, how old did you say you were again?

August 19, 2018
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