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Sound for Swahili

Is there suppose to be sound for the lesson's because I don't know how to pronounce the words I am learning

March 7, 2017



We have been very regular with our updates, especially concerning the audio!

Read more at https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/sw/en/status :-)!


Wow, it's great that you record it and not use some synthesizer. It's going to be so helpful! Thank you


If it's at all possible, please don't half measure the audio. Every sentence, every word should have audio. It's maddening to have less than half the words or sentences have sound on the Irish course. One instance of sound for a given sentence in a skill just isn't enough.


I agree with this very much. I've put off studying some languages because the audio is incomplete and I don't have access to a good external TTS (which is what I've been using to do the Japanese reverse course).


Schlachbals - we are given a list of exercises to record (we don't generate the list ourselves). Not sure how those are determined!


There's a new sneak-peek update I just posted!


So what happened?


Not yet. They are working on in. The pronunciation is VERY straightforward. Try looking for a little Swahili on Youtube for an idea of how it sounds. I recommend the channel Easy Languages.


In the absence of sound can I suggest less ambiguous instructions for the pronunciation? The example for the letter "a" is "father". Unfortunately, father has two different pronunciations: "a" as in “flat” or "au" as in “author”. Likewise, the example for the letter "o" is "row", which also has two different pronunciations corresponding to its two different meanings: row can mean a series of objects placed next to each other and the “o” sound is like that for "door", row can also mean a quarrel or an argument and the “o” sound is like that for "how".


go on to your settings, turn off microphone, speaker, auto voice, and sound effects. Refresh the page. Turn all of the settings back on, try an exercise. I'm don't know if this will work but it did for me so give it a try

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