"Mfereji mrefu"

Translation:Long canal

March 7, 2017

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We use mfereji to refer to a pipe or a tap. A canal is usually referred to as Mtaro


Thanks for that nugget! Is there an easy way to figure out when "-ji" is pronounced hard like in "kuhitaji", or soft as in "mferegi"?


In my experience, they are both pronounced just about the same.


I don't fully understand your question. The word is mfereji, not mferegi, right? And I don't think there's much of a difference in how the letter J is pronounced between the words in this course, at least the ones I have seen so far. I think it's always the same pronunciation, like the first sound in English jig.

EDIT: I actually got an audio exercise for this, now, and the recording does make it sound more like mferegi, this time. Perhaps just the recording being slightly off? I don't think it's meant to sound that way, anyway.


Why not "long channel"?


Why not "Tall ditch"? Is there any other way to say "tall ditch"? I do not know much yet.


"Tall" is generally up. A "tall" ditch would normally be called a deep ditch, not a tall one (unless, maybe you were an ant at the bottom, looking up).


In English you have a lot of words for "big" things. Tall is used for height only. You would say a tall man, not a long man. Roads, canals, railways are long not tall. With words like big, large and great you have similar differences. Large is used for surfaces, big for three dimensional size, great is used for for non physical size Bach was a great composer


Idk if there's some official rule or some long forgotten etymology, but in nonformal english at the least, there's no distinction in meaning between large and big.


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Thats exactly what i typed in and i got it wrong. Why?


Why cant mrefu be 'big' as opposed to 'long'?

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