"The cows are big and fat."

Translation:Vacile sunt mari și grase.

March 7, 2017

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Mari ending i and grase ending e ???


I think it is 'mari' with an 'i' because it is one of the few cases in Romanian in which an adjective only has two forms (sing: mare, pl: mari), regardless of gender; so in this case, despite 'vacile' being fem pl, the right form is 'mari'. On the other hand 'grase' is the form for fem and neuter pl so that is the form which one has to use for this sentence. So that is why one of them ends 'i' and the other one 'e'.


Vacile sînt frumoase pentru că sunt mari și grase! :D


C'mon Duolingo... Body shaming? You're better than that.


haha why is that bodyshaming? The fat cows give the good milk and Duo knows that. And that sentence is much better than "the early bird catches the worm" :-)


Haha yes of course, I was pretending to be offended on behalf of the cows ^^

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