"Aceasta este o infracțiune?"

Translation:Is this a crime?

March 8, 2017

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Kinda false friends, the Romanian ”crimă” is translated to English ”murder” only. The term ”infractiune” can be translated to a wide range of law terms, like offense, abuse (of the law), violation, breach, wrongdoing, incompetency, delinquency, trespass, malfeasance, malpractice, impertinence, misdemeanor, etc., beside of, of course, crime.


what about 'infraction' (for 'crime')


I also am wondering about this -- I wrote "This is an infraction?" and it didn't pass. I believe they can mean the same?


I totally agree - i'm English and without getting confirmation from the dictionary i know that the word infraction means a violation of any legal provision - i.e. a crime! The dictionary agrees.


I wrote "is this an infraction" -- The word "infraction" is a fancy-pants way of saying "crime". Well, actually, there are "infractions" that wouldn't be a "*CRIME***". So the words are not interchangeable. But I think in this case "infraction" should be acceptable.


Is this an infraction should be technically correct .....


My dictionary translates infractiune as offense, infraction (no crime) and as nf (feminine noun) crima as crime and (jur=legal) as felony,criminal offense, murder and homicide no infraction! I translated as infraction and my answer was not accepted!

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