"Ce caută ursul în șifonier?"

Translation:What is the bear doing in the wardrobe?

March 8, 2017

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I think i will never open a wardrobe in Romania...


Does this mean "Why is the bear in the wardrobe?" colloquially?


Looking for clothes of course! He's "bare" after all!


He lives there. That's where Narnia is.


" what is the bear searching for in the wardrobe " was accepted , but this has a different connotation to " what is the bear doing in the wardrobe "


I assumed this was the same as in German. There if you take the sentence very literally it would mean "searching for in", but most of the time in colloquial speach it means "doing in".


"what is the bear searching for in the wardrobe" = perhaps food "what is the bear doing in the wardrobe" = perhaps hiding. Sorry to be pedantic but to me these are not comparable meanings , colloquial or not.


yes, in English these are very different, in German and probably Romanian you say the same thing in both cases. It's like in Japanese they have different words for older brother and younger brother, while in English you only have this one word "brother" and the Japanese will think "Common this is not the same. It's totally different. How can you have only the one word?"


In Duo's universe animals rule the world and humans are mere pets

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