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"Εμείς διαβάζουμε λίγο από το βιβλίο."

Translation:We read a little of the book.

March 8, 2017



Are λίγο από connected here? I.e. does this sentence mean that they read a small part of the book. Or λίγο is independent adverb and denotes time duration so it means that they read just for a while? And if that's the case, could we place λίγο somewhere else in the sentence? At the end maybe?


Interesting that we only seem to use genitive case when using του, but it disappears in από το. I guess in this situation the βιβλιο is demoted to an indirect dative sort of object.


    As a rule, after a preposition, such as από, you use the accusative.


    Ξερω αλλα γιατι δεν θα μπορουσαμε να πουμε "Διαβαζουμε λιγο του βιβλιου";


    It's more like "we read a little from the book" in English, but even English prepositions have a wide range of use.


    why not του βιβλιου?


    Because genitive wouldn't work here, especially with λίγο από. You could say Διαβάσαμε ένα μικρό μέρος του βιβλίου, if the English sentence matched that context, but not here. This is a translation that's not word-for-word.


    Might seem a stupid question but what is the connection with time here?


    what is the connection with time here?

    The adverb λίγο "a bit" happens to be taught in this section.

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