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  5. "Ti rendezők vagytok?"

"Ti rendezők vagytok?"

Translation:Are you directors?

March 8, 2017



Would 'Are you people directors?' be anything different in Hungarian?


I think the only reason English-speakers would word it that way would be to make up for the absent plural you, and since Hungarian has a plural you, I imagine it would still be ti rendezők vagytok.


We wouldn't often say in English "Are you people directors?". Similar to Japanese, its clear from the situation


More clear since Japanese has no notion of plural to my knowledge. The English sentence has "directors".


The correct would be - Are you all directors OR Are all you directors. You and directors together would not be accurate nor grammatically correct. In the written form you directors plural would need all. When speaking to a group it would be obvious by gestures that one was addressing a group

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