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Not able to progress

I am doing the lessons and testing out of the basics but I don't seem to be able to advance through the program. I would like to move on to adjectives, etc.and the more advanced material but I can't. Program doesn't seem to recognize my progress. Please help or I will have to give up on Duo lingo - I can only deal with boy, girl, man woman' rich, calm for so long! Please help!'

March 9, 2014



in order to move on you have to completed (or tested out) all of the lessons before the next skill. Adjectives is pretty far down the tree - did you complete (or test out) all the lessons before that?


I have finally moved forward. I just thought after testing out I should have advanced more quickly. I just went through all the lessons and finally made it out of basics but it seems that I should have been able to get there sooner.

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