"Lui rimase dalla zia tutto il giorno."

Translation:He remained at the aunt's house all day.

March 9, 2014

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  • Lui rimase dalla zia tutto il giorno.

If the word casa is not in the sentence, how do I know that the aunt is in her house???


And why would "with his aunt" be wrong?


That would be "con sua zia". "Dalla zia" conveys the idea that the nephew is at his aunt's". It is like the french "chez".


Where is 'house' mentioned?


It is like in English when we say "I'm going to my aunt's". It is understood that I'm going to my aunt's house. But your point that house is not included is correct (and frustrating). I wish Duolingo gave the literal translation like Memrise does.


How would one say "He remained at HIS aunt's house all day" insted of at THE aunt's house?


I think it is ok to assume it is his aunt, in this example, not fully sure though.


why not alla zia?


Or "con la zia" for that matter. Can someone explain the preposition "da" in this context?


For me the correct translation should be: He stayed at his aunt's all day. I would check it with them but don't dare, as I dont't want lose another heart. Remain is more used in the sense of 'stay behind', in a lot of dicitonaries stay is the first choice for rimanere. Check it out.


I think that because it's not his aunt, but rather someone else's aunt and that is because: "dalla zia". First let's discuss "da" as opposed to "di". We don't say "vado al dottore" but rather "vado dal dottore". So this may be why we see "rimase dalla zia" here. Regarding the aunt, if it were his aunt I believe it would be "rimase da sua zia" because the article "la" would be omitted for a family member. This is confirmed in Google translate: "he remained at his aunt's" - "rimase da sua zia"


This answer makes a lot of assumptions. I "worried" over it a lot before I decided to say "with the aunt". The whole statement is rather uncertain, I think. A very literal translation would be "from the aunt," and I knew that wasn't the intention.

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Why is "He remained at the aunt all day" wrong?


I am not an english native speaker but it seems to me that "at the aunt" is just wrong. You forgot to write where the nephew remained that is at the house of his aunt or at his aunt's house.

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i am also not an english native speaker. so sometimes i have more problem with the english sentence structur than with the italian.


;) the same here. I lost so many hearts because I used wrong prepositions.


Same for me. Don't worry :-)


Shouldn't this be "rimase della zia" not dalla?

"La" zia is necessary because for any relative who is not immediate family (parent, sibling, spouse, child) an article is necessary.


It's "dalla zia". Prepositions are often different between languages. I've struggled a lot with "da" in these contexts and I'm not finished. An example similar to the Duolingo sentence, from reverso.net : "Possiamo rimanere dalla zia Carolyn stanotte", translated as "We can stay at Aunt Carolyn's tonight". Hope this helps.


Another weird sentence :(


he remained at the aunt's all day : is i think as colloquial as:

he reamained at the aunt's house all day

it is an odd sentence in English either way.


House not mentioned

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