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  5. "Họ phải đi."

"Họ phải đi."

Translation:They have to go.

March 8, 2017



The answer is "they have to go", but "they need to go" is wrong? Aren't these answers the same?


"Họ cần đi" - They need to go


But in English they are understood to mean the same.


This isn't English....its Vietnamese


Then how are they distinguished in vietnamese?

  • họ phải đi (this implies an obligation)
  • họ cần đi (this implies a necessity)


Okay. But if you're going to say, "these two words are not the same" they should try to translate to words which express this.

Failing this (sometimes that's just not possible), someone should explain how they are different.

As is, I have no idea when I should use one or the other.


*họ cần phải đi.


Native-speaker here: "They need to go" should be accepted. I've submitted a report to duolingo.


I think this is interesting. When teaching English I do talk about in some small way, must, need to and have to are just slightly different in use. But it would be very hard to say if the English differences are consistent across different native English speakers and consistent with another language's use. Need to for me is personal, must is moral obligation, have to is physical reason. So I need to meet my boss because I want to discuss my poor salary, I must meet my boss to discuss the progress of the project, I have to meet my boss because he asked for a meeting. But much overlap, in duolingo all 3 should be ok. I think.


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