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My student earned hundreds of points this week with exact same time stamp. How is he cheating?

March 8, 2017



Hi! Could the student be skipping skills by testing out of them? We allow you to test out at checkpoints, you have to take a test and if you pass you unlock some skills at once, and earn points. More here.


Are these hundreds of points at once? - then it could be testing out of a checkpoint as vivisaurus mentioned. This may or may not be considered cheating, depending on whether you allow them to do this or not.

If you see multiple increases of 10XP within a short period of time (i.e. seconds rather than a minute or two), then they are definitely playing with you :-)


What timestamps do you get if you do lessons offline and then synchronize? Are they the actual times of learning, or the time of sync?


He could have been scripting.


That seems unlikely - it would be possible, but it would be quite the feat of programming, particularly for a high school student.


Perfectly possible, we even have a few "experts" here. I doubt they did their own programming though... most likely found instructions on YouTube about how to record and replay in a particular browser, for example.... Quite a feat indeed, click click clickety click, and your gullible friends might even think you're a studious, hard-working polygloat ;-)


it is perfectly possible. I'm a high school student and my friend in the same year as me is probably capable of doing it. I recently took part in a national cybersecurity competition as well; just because someone is a highschool student it doesn't mean they are incapable of programming.


I know of a certain donkey who could program in high school, and that was even before the Internet! :-p


He could have performed a glitch or something.


How do you perform a glitch?


Some glitches, like video game glitches, can be replicated.

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