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  5. "She wants us to drink wine."


"She wants us to drink wine."

February 24, 2013



if i say vuole, in English not easy to understand who (neither in Italian), she or he.. so if you tell me she, i answer with lei... and the result is incorrect !...


If a correct answer is not accepted, it should be suggested in the report field. Anyway, in Italian it is pretty common to imply the subject, so there's nothing wrong in the given translation.


Does one have to say "che" after saying Vuole/voglio, etc?


I'm not sure I understand why "che" is required here. Can someone explain it to me please?


In fact, the literal translation of "Lei vuole che noi beviamo vino" should be "She wants that we drink wine", where the "che" is "that", which is necessary in Italian. By the way, it seems that the infinitive usage (e.g. she wants us TO DRINK wine), which is common in English, simply doesn't exist in Italian grammar. I think that's why the sentence with "che" is offered instead as the Italian translation.

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