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Speech practice micro app

Hello language learners! While using Duolingo, I wanted to practice my spoken skills in different languages quickly, so I developed a small web application to help me to do so, and I think it might be useful for somebody else, so here it is.

https://www.ezakto.com/speech/ or https://zkt.me/speech/ (Note: it only works in Google Chrome)

It's quite simple: you pick a language, and click start. It'll load a random article in Wikipedia in the target language, and show the first sentence. It'll ask you to enable microphone input the first time. You now have to speak just like you do in Duolingo, and then press enter (or click the button).

It'll show a precision percentage with some colors in the text. You can also see your raw transcript under "What did I say?" to compare yourself. You can repeat the exercise, or press enter to get a new one. And that's pretty much of it! I hope you find this useful at some point. I'll work on bugs/features from time to time.


March 8, 2017

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I do not have Chrome to try it, but I am impressed. Congrats and good luck.

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