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Finishing a Tree: What next?

A lot of people, when they finish their trees, ask the question: "What do I do now?" Well, when you finish a tree, all you've done is completed all of the lessons. In any learning course, you don't just learn and move on (at least I haven't found any that do that), you review the content to get it stuck in your brain. There's a quote out there:

"Don't practice until you get it right. Practice until you can't get it wrong."

So, all of those skill that you have just finished, those are just the lessons. Now it is time for you to go back and review those lessons until you're so annoyed by saying the same thing over and over. Once you are annoyed, do it 5 more times. That's what helps you to remember. When you look at the gold skill you can say to yourself: "Wow, I di such a great job." Go and reward yourself and then get back on and finish another skill. If you are serious about learning these languages, you won't care that your once gold skill is now plain-colored. You will look at it and say: "(Gasp) How dare you turn plain-colored! I must make you gold again!" You will become like King Midas, who touched anything and it turned to gold.

Also, you could find the reverse tree, and that can also help you learn the language. Now you have something to conquer. You have conquered before. I know you can do it again. Plus, it should be easier this time. So get out there and start reviewing.


March 8, 2017



This is very helpful. Thanks!


You're welcome! De nada!


Thank you! Gracias!


A resounding YES to everything Elijah said, and if I could add a small addition - for those starting out, with the golden owl in their sites - don't use the cursor to "peek." This helps you finish the lessons faster, but it sabotages the brain's ability to learn from mistakes. When you see a word or phrase you don't understand, go ahead and guess. Getting it wrong, and then seeing the right answer, and THEN having the chance to correct it later, is what cements the learning process deeper in your mind. It's slower, but in the end it's a better way to recall more and more of what you are learning. I hope this helps.


Absolutely! Learning from mistakes is probably one of the best ways of learning (others may say differently).


Thank you. Was wandering what happened once I completed a language selection.


You're welcome! De nada!

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