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Finished the Esperanto tree...what now?

I just finished the Esperanto tree. What would be a good next step? Of course, I will review the lessons, but how can I progress from here?

March 8, 2017



What now? MORE ESPERANTO!! :-)

I'm glad to see that others are linking to "afterduolingo".

I hope you've found my YouTube channel Esperanto Variety Show

If you're looking to progress in Esperanto, I would urge you to sign up for the free "Ekparolu" program where you can get free lessons by Skype. Open to people who have finished a basic course like Duolingo.

I'm offering free lessons by e-mail as part of my Lernu kun Logano series on YouTube. One student in my free course reviewed it by saying that although he'd done Duolingo, Esperanto suddenly clicked for him while working with me through this course. I also have a few paying students who want to take it to a new level.

I hope you've also already heard that the "Richardson Book" - Esperanto: Learning and using the International Language - has been republished and is available on Amazon at a very reasonable price. It's also an e-book on a limited number of platforms. I just heard that the PDF is available for free, but I don't know the details or conditions, if there are any. I would really recommend this, since it has additional lessons and a graded reader.

Finally - get involved. I've had my eye on Cleveland as a place to organize an event for learning Esperanto. I'm looking for local and regional people to help with that.


Join the Lingu community and get a pen/Skype pal!


The answer is in the last lesson. www.afterduolingo.com

Do as much as you can to use/test your knowledge. You've just past the driving test. Takes long(er) to be experienced EO driver.



I guess join some online communities and become fluent.


I always recommend people wait until they are comfortable in one language before starting another. Not everyone is at the point when finishing the tree.


Each to their own, but that's not my style, I love learning several at once, it keeps me going.


Aliĝu ĉe Telegramo (https://telegramo.org) kaj praktiku vian lingvon uzante ĝin por tio, kion vi ŝatas.

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