"П'ять, шість, сім, вісім"

Translation:Five, six, seven, eight

March 9, 2017

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Frustrating problem - faulty recording of the speaking exercises in this lesson. Forced to abandon it. Reported it ages ago but no improvement.


It never works :( I've tried nine times now and I dont understand what I'm doing wrong. The five is finr, but "six" doesnt turn blue, and it's as if because of that it doesnt even record the seven and eight. It's not like CiM and BiCiM are hard to pronounce.


Please don't be discouraged. There's some kind of technical problem with several of the speaking tasks, but in my experience, it only happens in this lesson about numbers in the Ukrainian course. If the same questions crop up in a revision lesson, I just click on 'Can't listen now' and move on to the next question. Over the years I have reported this problem on numerous occasions but nothing has changed. It must be hard for the monitors to keep up with every minor glitch in the system.


I also just think they don't care cause they don't have to. Theyre closing down the forums too so people have less places to discuss and report problems. I considered buying duolingo plus, but their customer service doesn't seem like it's worth paying for. Thank you for your encouragement!


Still doesn't work. Please correct.


April 2021 This speaking task is not working.

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