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  5. "Τα άλογα είναι ζώα."

"Τα άλογα είναι ζώα."

Translation:The horses are animals.

March 9, 2017



Why isn't it "the horses" in English? Does someone know?


It wouldn't make sense to use the article in this case, because all horses are animals. On the other hand, "THE horses are thirsty": Not all horses are thirsty, just the ones you are referring to, therefore the article is now needed.

Isn't it fun to realise that, in the EN-EL course, not only Hellenic is being taught, but English too? I think it is :-)


I do believe it's a rule. The zero article. In english, the article is ommited if someone's talking about things in general (i.e. they're not talking about a specific example, like in this sentence) or with non-countable nouns‏‎. ^.^


The audio has a question tone, this is not right

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