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  5. "Os cavalos bebem leite."

"Os cavalos bebem leite."

Translation:The horses drink milk.

February 24, 2013



In Spanish there's a sentence even stranger: the bears drink beer.


Ha! It's not that strange. Horses are mammals. =D

One could also say that the bears is a neighborhood football team, for example. I decided to enjoy the quirky sentences, once I realized that the literal meanings of the sentences are not important. I believe their objective is to teach different words to you, even if these word happen to be together in a nonsense sentence (gramatically correct, but unlikely). All of this is done to increase your general vocabulary so that you can put together your own sentences correctly later. =)


That reminds me of a country song with a lyric "Whiskey for my men and beer for my horses." I think the country song lyric is even a bit stranger. I mean think about it: we're always told not to drink and drive, but the men in the song are potentially getting their MODE OF TRANSPORTATION drunk! :-P


Toby Keith featuring Willie Nelson. "And we ride into battle to fight evil forces singing/ whiskey for my men, beer for my horses"


I wonder where the bears got beer though - probably swiped it from some campers :-P


Why the horses drink milk? :)


All mammals drink milk when they are very young - horses are no exception.


This way it is more interesting and fun! Haha..:D


Why drink and not drinks


Because "Horses" is plural, its "The horses drink." If it was singular, only talking about one horse, then it would become "Drinks" , "The horse drinks."


There is no plural when describing the action of drinking, unless you are talking about one horse - ''the horse drinks''. 'The horses drinks' wouldn't work in English either.


Thanks Paulo Henrique i was confused too!


what is the difference between bebe and bebem?... I am confused


Ele/ela/você bebe

Eles/elas/vocês bebem

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