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"In April and May"

Translation:Aux mois d'avril et de mai

February 24, 2013



Why 'en' or 'aux' but not 'dans'?


"Dans" usually refers to a physical location. But also, prepositions are weird. There are some patterns, but sometimes you just have to memorize which ones to use when. Sometimes there is an obvious correspondence with the English and sometimes there is not.

Non-native speakers often confuse prepositions. People can usually understand what you are trying to say. A French speaker would understand "dans mai". But Duo is trying to teach you the correct use.


Why not "de avril et mai"? When I looked at how to say "in" it had "de" as top choice so that's what I used, why is it wrong?


In other sentences with "in <month> and <month>" the "en" comes before each month. I answered "En avril et en mai" but was not marked correct. Is that right? If so, are there guidelines on when the "en" (or "de" in similar sentences) should and shouldn't appear twice?


I answered "en avril et mai" and it way checked as correct


Literally this is "in the months of April and May". Is there a way to say it without using "months"?


Why wrong' aux avril et mai'


Months don't get articles. Aux is à + les.


Why not "dans avril et mai" ?


à versus dans to mean in

dans is used when you are literally in something.

Tu peux être: dans le bus, dans l'avion, dans un bar, etc

l'oiseau est dans le jardin - the bird is in the garden

il se met dans l’arrière de la voiture - he gets in the back of the car

dans is also used for time when you're saying when something in the future will happen.

J'arrive dans un quart d'heure - I'll be there in 15 minutes.

in contrast à is used to mean in when you are not literally "in" something

j'habite à la campagne - I live in the countryside

je suis à Paris - I am in Paris


Because that's not the preposition French uses in this case. (Prepositions are very idiomatic, they often do not correspond directly to English.)


Can someone, please, clarify this for me: I've seen in some other examples in this topic, in particular when the sentences were about the seasons, that we can say "in the winter" as either "en hiver" or "dans l'hiver", since "en" already implies "in the". Is it different for months, so can we say "dans l'avril et le mai" as well as "en avril et mai"? Merci!

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