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"Sinywi pombe kwa sababu sipendi"

Translation:I do not drink alcohol because I don't like it

March 9, 2017



Just can't get this one right: I don't drink alcohol because I don't like it


that should be correct, beta errors


Isn't pombe a specific alcoholic beverage?


Thank you. I had thought that it referred to a sort of locally made beer, often made from millet or corn (http://www.congocookbook.com/beverages/pombe_tembo_and_mawa.html). So, you could use this term to refer to a bottle of scotch whisky or a Japanese sake?


Yes you could, although you'd probably say whiskey or sake if you're speaking about a more specific sort of alcohol! :)


This is a difficult translation point, because in English you NEED an object for "to like" but I guess that "kupenda" doesn't need one. Therefore, something has to be sacrificed/added depending on which direction you're translating in.


I got this email in Jan 2019:
You suggested “I don't drink alcohol because I don't like it ” as a translation for “Sinywi pombe kwa sababu sipendi” We now accept this translation. :)

So they have accepted the English grammar point that an object is required here, but they just haven't fixed it everywhere. (It is at least correct at the top of this discussion page.)


Another poor English translation....it would not Acceptable English, even if it is a direct translation


Hello, I twice didn't have enough english words in the word bank to make the sentence. Thanks


Did you report it using the report flag? The developers won't necessarily come across your comment here.


thanks for your advice. In fact, I posted here because the report flag proposed only situations that didn't correspond (-Swahili sentence is wrong, ...etc.). But you're right, the comment is less visible...


I agree, the options are hopelessly limited. AGreatUserName once wrote that he ticks all the boxes so that they at least see something more complicated is wrong. But that depends on them realizing what the error is ...

Note that in the Android Duolingo app (but I don't know about iPhone) there is a free text field for reports, so you can be very specific about what the error is (not just "The English is unnatural or has an error".) Can you remember which lesson this question is in? I could try to track it down via the app and put in a request for the extra word button "it".


Oh, I didn't know that the report mechanism is different for the app. I do have the app too, so I'll try to track it down myself. :) Thanks again !


Isnt pombe local beer? And not alcohol in general? I know there is also the term bia tho.


According to Wikipedia you are right - pombe (also called "Bantu beer") means local millet beer:

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