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"Jeg tror at du har sendt mig den forkerte kasse."

Translation:I think that you have sent me the wrong box.

March 9, 2017



But..but kasse has an 'e' on the end to mean plural. Ahh.


No, plural of kasse is kasser.

Plenty of nouns end in -e in singular. They usually gets added an -r in plural

klasse (class)

Myre (ant)

Hare (hare)

Mave (belly)


Why is there an E on the end of forkert?


Hvorfor kan man ikke oversætte "tror" som "believe"? tænker ~= think du tænker for meget synes ~= according to my opinion jeg synes at bogen er interessant tror ~= according to my opinion but i can check with facts jeg tror slangen er farlig

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