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  5. "Jouons au football."

"Jouons au football."

Translation:Let's play football.

March 9, 2017



I'm not sure if I'm just not used to hearing it, but with the female voice I really can't hear it saying "Jouons". The "ons" seems absent, though I hear it in the turtle speed. Maybe I'm just not used to hearing the "ons" before the "au"? I reported it anyway.


I didn't try "let's play football" but Duo didn't list it as an acceptable translation when I clicked on it.


"Let's play football" is the correct, British English translation for "jouons au football", and "let's play soccer" is the North American version.

Both are accepted by the system.


I wonder why it is not "Juoions au football" -the subjunctive mood?? Because "We are playing football" should otherwise be a correct option for translation.


The imperative of 1st person plural, for all regular verbs is the same as the indicative present:

  • Nous jouons --- Jouons !
  • Nous finissons --- Finissons !
  • Nous apprenons --- Apprenons !

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Why is ¨We are playing soccer¨ an incorrect answer?


"jouons" (without the pronoun) is in the imperative mood, which translates to "let"s play".

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If someone asked ¨Qu´est-ce que vous faites? It would be incorrect to reply ¨jouons au football.¨ ? One would need to add the word ¨nous¨ to the sentence in reply? Many thanks for the help!


The personal pronouns are required at all tenses and moods, except "tu", "vous" and "nous" in imperative.


I learned imperative long ago on Duo. Why are some people unfamiliar with it, just 3 lessons from the end of the tree?


My response of "Let's play soccer" was marked incorrect. Why would this be wrong?

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It is not wrong and it is accepted. FR "football" = "football" everywhere in the world. Although in the U.S., the game referred to in the French sentence is what is called "soccer" over here. In the global community, FR "football" = football (but not "American football").


Once more: The answer is 'Let's play football'. I wrote 'Let's play football' and was marked wrong! There's no way of reporting it now!


I wonder if French has an equivalent to the schoolboy-casual term:- "footy." ??


I wonder if French has an equivalent to schoolboy-casual:- "footy," as in "Let's play footy." Not to be confused with "footsie!"


I couldn't hear the "jouons" until I played it on slow speed (after getting it wrong). Sneaky.


Should it say "soccer" instead of "football?"


my answer is correct

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