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"Chipsi mayai"

Translation:French fry omelette

March 9, 2017



The reports on this sentence were by far my favorite. This is a SUPER common food in East Africa and one of my favorite things to eat! And it usually only costs 1 USD (2000 Tanzanian Shillings).


Good to know! I am sure this is also a super common food in Argentina (I can say it is a favorite one, after "asado") and you can ask for it in a restaurant or fast food as "tortilla de papas" (sometimes the potatoes are fries or else boiled and cut in cubes); "tortilla" is used for this kind of omelet and other similar preparations with wheat flour, eggs and vegetables. ;)

Note: It is also known as Spanish omelet (tortilla española)



I lived in Kenya for 3 years and I have never heard of this dish


It's a Tanzanian dish.


I think you lucked out! ;-)


Ive been working in Kenya for 10 years and never seen this. I did see them fry a chapati in an egg once.


It's Tanzanian street food. As ubiquitous in Tanzania as chapatis are in Kenya.


I think this Tanzania specific... Never heard of it in Kenya


I would call it a potato frittata. It's very similar to Persian kuku sib zamini.


I think Moroccan Arabic borrowing from Spanish uses 'Tortilla' for this.


what's a french fry omelette??


An omelette with french fries in it. A common (fast) food in Tanzania:


Thank you Andreasil, originally from Kenya and never heard of it! Although there is a "Safari Scramble" with onion, chilli and diced potato which is really nice.


It looks delicious! Is that your picture?


No, I probably should have given a source, but I just Google Imaged Chipsi mayai. The picture is from Pinterest:https://pinterest.com/pin/454511787368465910/

I like chips mayai if it prepared with onions and bell pepper, but if it's only eggs and fries, it quite bland.


I found adding some masala, curry, or pili pili sauce to plain chips mayai made them much tastier


I have never seen it being prepared like you have said in Tanzania, but I'm going to give it a try.


Is the conjunction left out because this is the name of a specific dish?


Is the name supposed to be "French fries omelette" or is "French fry omelette" correct. It sounds a bit strange to me.


This could be an English dialect thing. The major English dialects differ in prevalence of singular or plural nouns in noun adjunct phrases like this (e.g. "drinks party" vs. "cocktail party"). As an American, "French fry omelette" sounds natural.


I am one day in Tanzania now and I have already seen it! In Kenya I have never seen it. I am going to try it next chance I got


Chipsi na mayai (with raw onions and tomatoes) plus cabbages is a common dish in Uganda especially in the evening

[deactivated user]

    Would "French fried omelette" work just as well? We have omelettes and hash browns. Looks similar yet the two dishes are separate.


    O.K. something like omelette is well known ( almost ) everywhere. Omelette, tortillas, pancakes and also pizza. Of course between omelette and pancakes is some difference but anyway it is some cake made from eggs and flour and milk or water. Why it should to be translate like " french" ? By the way in my country it is a common food at the morning.


    An Omelette is made with eggs only, not flour. French fries are called chips in British English ( the source of many swahili loan words), so chipsi mayai is literally ‘ chips eggs’ which is an omelette (eggs) with French fries (chips). Hope this helps.


    It is called "french fry omelette" because you use french fries to make this dish. It is very easy to make; just take your french fries and drop them on to a frying pan and let them cook for a minute, in the meanwhile you crack a few eggs and beat them through (add in salt and pepper), then you pour the mixture over the fries, let it cook through then flip it over like you would with a normal omelette.


    Wonderful translation

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