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  5. My day streaks gone


My day streaks gone

Hi Duo I earned my 67 day streak yesterday and now it says I have a 1 day streak even though I would have 68 by the end of today, please can I have my streak back

March 9, 2014



I've got it back now, thanks


The same thing happened to me. Luckily this was only my second day in my streak. Does anyone know how to change my time zone? When I first signed up, I lived in the UK. Now that I'm more serious about this and I am back living in the US, I found that I lost my streak because I started my lesson today about 2 hours later. So it says that I earned my points for tomorrow (Thursday) rather on Wednesday.


Me too mate, can we please have localised timezones? I just lost my streak!


Hey guys, my timezone is GMT +03:00 (Moscow in Russia) and I'm loosing my streaks not for the first time by keeping to come at the different time a day. Please help me to recover.


and I have the same problem - I come home at 23 and duolingo says I lost my streak, because it's already another day. pls fix it, dear troubleshooters!


It seems you didn't do anything on March 8.


I did lesson 7 verbs past Spanish


This is our record of what you did (these times are in GMT):

2014-03-09 09:58:14 · Spanish lesson

2014-03-07 22:15:27 · Spanish practice


I did the lesson at 23:12 and it showed that I had 313xp this week last night and I was on 300 on the 7th


What is your timezone?


Hi Luis, My timezone is also incorrect, and it has caused me to lose my streak multiple times. I'm not worried about having my streak restored, but I would like to have my time zone fixed so I can keep a streak in the future. Could you please change it to North America Pacific Time?


Hi Luis, could you change mine to GMT+1? Thanks


Hi Luis. I had the same issue. I studied Spanish today April 12, 2014 and it was counted. Then I studied French later (on my iPhone) after 11pm CST and it was not counted. I then studied a few more lessons on my computer (the duolingo website) and it said that my points indeed were added today. However my phone still says that I don't have any points for today. Is there a syncing issue? It would be helpful for users to be able to see the breakdown of their daily points on the website as we can on the phone app. Thanks!


Second time this has happened to me... PLEASE give me my timezone, it magically just resets at around 4pm or something... it's completely unstreakable that way!


This is what happened to me yesterday (which was a Saturday):

I flew from London to Dallas. It was an early start, so I did my daily practices about 04:30 GMT (using the website on an Android tablet if it makes any odds). The training record showed Saturday completed.

When I got up this morning the streak display was showing 0 XPs on Saturday, but Friday looked higher than I recall. Looks like when I changed timezones Duo reassigned that days practice to Friday. From a Dallas point-of-view 04:30 GMT Sat is 22:30 Friday Central.

Having read some of the comments about timezones I'd made sure I had a "Streak Freeze" active, so I'm fine about this. Just thought I'd add my experience.


Same here, I was traveling in the last 4 weeks between Dublin, Turku (Finland) and Bangkok...

Is there a way to update my location?

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