"Dieses Auto ist sehr teuer."

Translation:This car is very expensive.

February 24, 2013



shouldn't "dear" be accepted as a translation for eexpensive

February 24, 2013



April 9, 2013


yes deifintely. in another sentence i suggested the same and i was confirmed last week my suggestion was accepted

April 14, 2013


dear= teuer;one of our German true friends!

April 21, 2013


No, in this case 'teuer' exclusively means 'expensive'. You can't use it in the sense of 'dear' here. 'Teuer' is used in the sense of 'dear' in expressions like 'jmd. lieb und teuer sein' (to be dear to someone) but that doesn't work here. [EDIT: This is incorrect, please scroll down a bit. I'll leave my comment here as it is because - I guess - I'm not the only non-native who makes this error]

April 21, 2013


Oh, that's interesting ;-) Thanks a lot, christian! OK, seems like the problem is not about German but my deficient knowledge of English ;-) I wasn't aware of the fact that you can use 'dear' in the sense of 'expensive' in English, too. So, sorry for the confusion my comments may have caused. Let me correct myself: If you use 'dear' in the sense of 'expensive' it should be fine as a translation of 'teuer' in this sentence.

April 21, 2013


I think it's more of a British usage. I don't hear it in the US. I occasionally use it, but only for my own amusement and only among people who know me well. ;-)

April 21, 2013


When it is used that way in North America I think it's most often used in expressions such as, "The Americans took Omaha beach, but the price they paid was dear."

July 16, 2013


"Dear" in the sense of expensive and "expensive" are both commonly used in Australia.

June 17, 2013


Why Dieses Auto?

January 1, 2014

  • 1985

@dhruvsinghal6 : das Auto
See this link for the inflection of dieser http://canoo.net/inflection/dieser:Pron:Demonstr

January 2, 2014


then when i said dieses i mean dies+das or am i wrong?

August 31, 2014

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You are right. The second 's' in 'dieses' comes from the 'das' (Auto).

September 11, 2014


so expensive wasnt accepted why

October 4, 2018
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