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Translation skill points not added to total

None of the translation points I score are being added to my total.

June 21, 2012



This is also happening to me in French Duolingo, especially when I check an immersion piece already translated. The page credits my check of a translation, but those points do not show up on my daily coin pile in my weekly progress. Please help!


You know clicking on the word and clicking "Looks Good" will get you a point yes. But it's not going to show up on your stream. Only the sentences you ACTUALLY translated are going to appear. But those other "approval" points are still going to be added to your total of points. Also another thing is that it takes a few moments sometimes for your points to show up.


My points for translating complete sentences are not added to my total. Also I have "completed" two articles this morning. I saw a message which said "11 points added for completing the article" each time but no points added to my total.


Have just closed down my browser and re-opened and all my immersion translation skill points from this morning have appeared.

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