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Resuming a lesson where I left off

I want to stop mid way through a lesson and when I return it doesnt start where I stopped, How must I stop and return to lesson where ended?

February 24, 2013



I don't think that it is possible at the moment.


Would be very helpful- at least once in a while to be able to restart a lesson from where you left off. There are issues not involving Duolingo that come up,and restarting a lesson in place should help us all.


Or maybe we could get the points or the strenghtening of the words without completing everything. Many times i was forced to stop and lose progress, which is very frustrating...


It happened to me a couple times. I close the window and reopen or I open history window and it shows my last lesson. Just click on it and you are good to go.


you can also click on home.

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