"Where is my wine and where is my pizza?"

Translation:Де моє вино і де моя піца?

March 9, 2017



Oh, Duolingo.... You understand me sooo well..... ;)

March 9, 2017


So wine is unsexed and pizza is female

May 12, 2018


Yes. You probably already now this, but afaik the sex of a word is mostly defined by its ending. вино - ending 'о' = neutral

машина - ending 'а' = female

брат - ending 'т' = masculine (like with most consonants)

October 12, 2018


Is there any information in the discussions on the proper use of Ta instead of i?

November 8, 2018


They are in principle interchangeable: you can input either one here and it will be accepted; you can say either one when speaking and nobody would bat an eye (except some sort of a language prescriptivist or a language nazi)

So, as I said, no difference whatsoever, in Ukrainian there are several words for "and" purely for the purpose of sounding melodic.

Actually, we also have "й", yet another form of "and", for the case when both words "meet" with vowels. We use these different forms so that the phrase rolls easily from your tongue, with no vowels or consonants clashing.


consonant-consonant: брат і сестра (brother and sister)

vowel-vowel: Олена й Олександр (two names)

vowel-consonant: : мама та тато (mother and father)

January 11, 2019
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