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The many translations for "good"

Hi everyone, I keep getting questions wrong because of this mistake. Can someone tell me the differences between "mzuri", "nzuri", "njema", and "mwema"? From what I have seen, mzuri and nzuri describe something as being good, whereas the other two are used to tell someone to "have a good day" or something to that effect. But I am not sure, and I also don't know which one to use, even when narrowed down this far. Can anyone help? Much appreciated. :)

March 9, 2017



These are two different adjecives, with much of the same meaning, -zuri and -ema. Both are used for the meaning "good", and I don't the full details of how each is used, but -zuri can be used as "beautiful" as well.

Both of these adjectives will take concords from the noun class they describe. For example:

Mtu mzuri/mwema - A good person

Habari nzuri/njema- Good news

For more concords, look at the tips and notes for the Adjectives lesson.


-zuri is probably the adjective, and njema nad mwema are adverbs or different words entirely which translate into English as "good." I'm interested to know the full explanation myself though.


Since you mentioned adverbs, I'll just add to the above: To modify the adjective stem "-zuri" into an adverb, you attach the prefix “vi-." So "vizuri" becomes an adverb meaning "well."

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