"Tafadhali mama!"

Translation:Please mother!

March 9, 2017

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Hamjamboni ! How does one pronounce "Tafadhali"?


Swahili is pretty phonetic, if you can read IPA it's [ta.fa.'ða.li] If you can't, its basically tah-fah-th(th in this)-a-lee (i can't accurately do the sounds without having the IPA though, you can use http://www.yorku.ca/earmstro/ipa/ to help you with the ipa sounds you don't recognize.


Wow! Asante! Now I know I can officialy be polite when I ask for something in kiswahili!


Tafadhali isn't actually polite. It's the emphatic 'please,' as in, "Would you kids PLEASE get off my lawn!!!" If you want to ask for something politely, you say "Naomba _," which literally means "I pray for _." Or you can say "Naomba nipatie __," which literally means "I pray would you give me ____." Sounds weird in English, but it's the polite way to make requests.


If i remember right from my experience in Tanzani, isnt tafadhali more "please" in a command sense, rather than making your request polite ? I vaguely remember being corrected on that at dinner once


I remember being taught by my swahili teacher to use it for example when ordering something. This was on Zanzibar.


Yes, that's because you're not supposed to be polite to waiters! They're serving you, so you give them commands!


Yes, that's right. Tafadhali is rude. The polite way to ask for something is to say, "Naomba __" or "Naomba nipatie _&"


Please mother, may I have some more?


Hello, i'm very good at this

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