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Websites that are similar to what Immersion was?

Some people are still mourning the loss of immersion, which is acceptable considering it was a good way to practice and read in your target language in a way that's natural. My question is; are there any websites that are similar to immersion, meaning it shows you what your unknown words are and what they mean (not necessarily translating the whole sentence, though).

March 9, 2017



Have you looked at Lang-8. It let's you post things and have others correct you so not exactly like you want


I use context translation which helped me a huge deal:
Just type in words or expressions and see how they are translated and used inside a context, it's very effective.


A good way to practice reading in your target language is to read the news in it. Here is a post of links regarding news websites in many languages! :) http://cecelialanguages.tumblr.com/NewsInYourLanguage


What I am doing, on this site, when it comes to unknown words is writing those words down --- IF I see that many of these words on concerning a certain topic, I will then look for new sites or other literature or even youtube videos or movies, that talk on this topic, so that I can hear the words being used. I hope you understand what I am trying to describe. heehee. :) ---- Good luck. :)


The German Department at Dartmouth College has a program that assists with reading several difficult German texts. Moving the cursor over the word reveals the English translation. Go to https://annotext.dartmouth.edu/

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