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"My uncle and my father were drinking orange juice that day."

Translation:Mi tío y mi padre bebían jugo de naranja ese día.

February 24, 2013



what's wrong with "estuvieron bebiendo"?


There is a subtle difference. I believe using "estuvieron bebiendo" would mean they drank orange juice for a limited or defined account of time on that day (say during lunch). Using "estaban bebiendo" or "bebián" would mean they drank orange juice throughout the entire day (any time they were thirsty they drank orange juice).


No, estaban bebiendo just emphasizes that you saw them in the process of doing it. It has nothing to do with what they did later.


Nothing, now at least, I wrote "Mi tío y mi padre estuvieron bebiendo zumo de naranja ese día." and it was accepted.


Would "Mi tio y mi padre estaban bebiendo zumo de naranja" be wrong?


"Mi tío y mi padre solían beber jugo de naranja ese día." ¿Porque no?


"My uncle and my father used to drink orange juice that day." It sounds weird.


because it doesn't go with "ese día" it like saying "they usually drank orange juice that day" it would be OK if you said "after work" instead of "that day" they it makes sense as a repetitive action, but not during one day.

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