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How are you spending your language learning time?

Which languages are you learning? How much time do you spend on each? What activities are you doing?

For me: I am learning Spanish, which is my primary goal, and I am doing some side projects: French, German, Italian and Swahili at the moment. I spend about 3 hours per week learning languages, and 80-90% of that time goes to Spanish.

Right now, my main language learning activity is Duolingo: regilding my Spanish tree again, and doing bits of other languages out of curiosity. Regilding seemed useful, because it's a few months ago since I used Spanish, but I also notice that I retained it quite well. So, I decided to diversify my language learning activities. Now I also work on two Spanish course books and I watch YouTube videos explaining parts of the language. Soon I will start Spanish lessons in my city, and I hope to find a pen friend, and if possible, a Spanish speaker in my city who wants to learn Dutch, so we can teach each other.

What about you? :)

March 9, 2017



hey i have spent my time learning spanish bc when i get older im going to move to mexico and share my stories with the people i meet...... and plus im 16


Look at the flags and that will tell you all you need to know about my language learning :)


I am learning more languages than you. I may not very good at any of them, but I am learning them all.


That's a lot of flags Sir!


Mostly French and Italian, I do various activities involving a lot of online stuff, and book stuff.



I juggle three langs- Spanish, French, and Swahili. I am devoting most of my time into Swahili, progressing slowly thru the tree to absorb each lesson to the point that I feel confident before moving on to the next lesson(s). To maintain my Spanish and French, I have subscribed to a pair of YouTube channels (one for each lang). I intend to watch one video each day and make a journal entry about what I learned that night.


That's a nice list! It's so nice that Swahili is available now. I have lived in Tanzania for a few months and have learned some of the language, would love to continue eventually. How do you like the course so far? Why do you learn Swahili?

Watching one video per day and writing one journal entry (presumably in your target languages?) sounds like a great idea, I may have to steal them from you! ;)

Which channels do you watch?


What I do and what I should do are two different things. I spend a lot of time on Duolingo -- mostly on Spanish and French, but I always show up for some of the Italian and Russian. What I should also be doing and I will do so is read silently and read out loud. I should also work on my pronunciation more. I have done quite well with Spanish -- have managed to eliminate most of my American English influences. Recording is a good option. Again I tend to be too lazy. Finally I belong to two meet-up groups -- one in Spanish and one in French. How much time two I spent on language study per day? Lately it's been more than 3 hours. I also make index cards and review them. Finally I recommend the book Fluent Forever.


I try to do at least three units (either new or review) in my various languages. I usually can go through them while in transit to and from work.

I have finished the German and Polish trees and am trying to keep them gold. German because I find it the coolest langauge ever, Polish to communicate with in-laws.

I started Esperanto to see what it was about and have almost finished the tree. I find the Esperanto-speaking community very interesting -- you have a diverse range of people who are all united by a love of languages and intercultural communication. I hope to gild my tree once it done and to continue Esperanto studies.

I started Hebrew not so much to become fluent, but because I wanted to learn more about the language. Frankly, I am working through the lessons mostly to have access to the "Tips & Notes".

It is not my style to dabble in in things; if I start a language, I will want to see it through. Consequently, I don't see myself starting a new language anytime soon. However, Magyar keeps calling out me, and if Klingon ever gets out of the Incubator....sign me up!

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