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Italics and bold in translating?

Anyone else think it would be a good idea to be able to use italics and bold writing for doing translations?

There are many times when I come across a book title or something in a translation, look to the original website and see it's in italic, but can't portray that very well other than ugly quote marks, hehe. Though I don't know if you can do it without the [i] [/i] or whatever formatting, which would be a pain.

I submitted this as feedback a while ago, but want to see what other people think. Seems important to me as a fairly important part of written language.

I also think an introductory lesson on good translating practices that people could take would be a good idea. Would it turn people off even if it was optional?

June 21, 2012



Sure, I think being able to use italics and bold would be a good idea. A lesson on good translation practices would be a great idea! Also, I love your profile pic.

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