Translation:A coat

March 9, 2017

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Koti Ji /Ma class

koti - a coat

makoti - coats

koti langu - my coat

koti yangu - my coats

koti mzuri - a nice coat

koti mazuri - nice coats


Very useful - thanks dieprinzessin! But shouldn't it be "koti zuri - a nice coat"? (i.e. no prefix in class 5).
I thought the "m-" prefix is only used for adjectives in class 1, 3 and 11. Did I miss something?


This translation does not require an article!


Use the report function if you think your translation should be accepted. I don't think Brandon is going to have a chance to look at the comments for a long time yet.


I always report. I comment here so other users are not misled by all these errors.


Heh, I said that to you months ago. I learnt a while back you always report.

Last accepted suggestion notice I received was in June. I'm almost pondering whether a few of us should offer to contribute. There's so much there that can be fixed even without a deep understanding of Swahili. Would take some pressure off Branden if he agreed to take on some more people.

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