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  5. "Voy a controlar esto."

"Voy a controlar esto."

Translation:I am going to control this.

March 9, 2014



The first translation of controlar is to check. There is no context in a short sentence to indicate which meaning is preferred so I think check should be allowed as a correct answer!


It seems that Duolingo has since changed the primary translation of this word to now be "control". The translation "to check" is no longer anywhere to be seen. So, I guess they have changed their mind on this one.

Also, I think originally "to check" was more of a "to keep in check" rather than "to check the condition of".


The iTranslate app doesn't offer "check" as a translation for controlar, either, but it does have "monitor" and "keep under control". It also lists a few senses for use with people: "manage, handle, deal with". But I'd wager they aren't accepted here.
Timor mortis conturbat me.


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"I will check it". Why not?


Control and check are not synonyms. To check can mean to put a stop to something or told it back but control is much broader than that. Control translates directly into Spanish as the same word. There are many word in Spanish that mean to check, depending on the context: verificar, cotejar, contener, revisar, etc.


Even "I will check this." didn't work. To me the suggestion "I will handle this ." was shown. In German "kontrollieren" works for "check" and "control". That was my fault.


In English, there is a secondary or tertiary definition of the word "check" that means to put a stop or a break on something.

As in: a leash 'checks' the dog's curiosity.


"Check" doesn't work well here. I don't think Mexicans would use it that way. The following is helpful:

check [sth] vtr verificar⇒ vtr chequear⇒ vtr comprobar⇒ vtr

Please check that the balance of my account is at least four hundred dollars. Por favor, verifique que el saldo de mi cuenta sea por lo menos de cuatrocientos dólares.



Another reason this is probably not accepted is that this sentence is located in the "Ir Future" lesson.
Which means DL is teaching us that "Ir+a" is equal to "going to".


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I agree with Harrison. We would use 'check' here. The English word control just does not have the same range of meanings as the Spanish word controlar. I did not use check in my answer because I knew it would be marked wrong. So I was forced to use bad English in yet another sloppy example...


This would be an odd statement in English and I wonder if ´I´ll handle this`would be accepted ?


It made me think of the Incredible Hulk.


It was suggested to me...


It's a drinking problem, clearly.


To check something doesn't mean the same as to control something in English...


I put "I am going to test this" - marked wrong but is this not a possible interpretation?


Thats what she said


Voy a controlar si duerme mi hijo - in that case I would definitely think that 'check' is the best translation

[deactivated user]

    Control what? Are you a vampire?!


    Famous last words.


    "The bees are escaping!" "I am going to control this."


    In another example duolingo gave "controlarme" as the correct answer - when should be which word used?


    'controlar' means 'to check', doesn't it? As in 'passport control.'


    Would this have the same meanig as: "I've got this!" Like is that what it means?


    I have written, "I am going to control this" and ot keeps telling me I'm wrong


    Can someone please explain me why sometimes they write " voy a contrar esto" and sometimes "lo voy a contrar" Is there any diffrence?


    The same difference as between "I am going to control this" and "I am going to control it." Different emphasis.

    Also: controlar, not contrar.


    in my Lonely Planet Spanish phrase book "this" is spelt "este"m or "esta"f. No sign of "esto" which is correct? thanks in advance


    Why does "esto" have an "o" insted of an "a" or "e" at the end?


    We are getting lost in the English word 'control.' This is not it. In Spanish it seems to have the same meaning as in French which is to test. Duo seems to have a mental block on this. Keep reporting it.

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